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I'm pretty easy to please, but I'd rather get happy/fluffy than angsty/sad. Just because of where I am in live right now. Here are a little more about each of my fandoms - have fun! :)


Agent Carter: Peggy/Angie, for sure. I also just love Peggy kicking all the ass.

Check, Please: BITTY. The cutest. All the baking, please. Bitty/Jack, but I love everyone.

Elementary: I like Joan being competent and taking charge. I also find Joan/Moriarty super intriguing.

Gravity Falls: Gen. I love this universe.

iZombie: Can you tell I like competent, smart, female protags with a sense of humor? I like Liv doing pretty much anything.

Legend of Korra: Korra/Asami. (I still can't believe it's actually canon this time around!)

Leverage: The OT3 that is Eliot/Parker/Hardison. The less Nathan, the better. Team feels.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: Phryne solving all the murders. And Phryne/Jack is one of my few het ships, but definitely not required.

Once Upon a Time: Mostly Emma/Regina, but also Aurora/Mulan and gen.

Person of Interest: Root/Shaw. As long it doesn't end sadly, I'm cool with anything.

Rizzoli and Isles: Jane/Maura. (Because even my mom thinks they're married.)

Sleepy Hollow: Gen. I like Ichabod being clueless and Abbie taking charge. (Predictable, much?)

Steven Universe: Like Gravity Falls, I just love this world and everyone in it. Pearl breaks my heart, so anything that is Pearl-centric is a plus.

Warehouse 13: Myka Bering/Helena (HG) Wells

Welcome to Night Vale: Love this world. Everyone is great. Pretty much anything.

Things I love: femslash for DAYS, domesticity, fake/pretend relationships that turn real, BANTER, found family, ensemble casts, awesome/kickass ladies (as if I haven' mentioned it enough?), fluffy/happy fic, slow burn, polyamory, threesomes, kink negotiation, D/S dynamics

Squicks/things I'd rather not have: crossovers, major character death, unhappy endings, terminal disease (cancer in specific), nonconsensual infidelity (open relationships aren't infidelity), incest, internalized homophobia, children put in dangerous situations, rape/non-con, bloodplay

You are awesome!!

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